Master P shares song Nipsey Hussle recorded just before his death

Master P recorded a new song with Nipsey Hussle for new film I Got the Hookup 2 two days before the late rapper’s death.

The Make ‘Em Say Uhh! hitmaker was eager to work with Hussle on the secret song, Street Millionaire, and insists the caring star should have gotten more recognition before he was shot to death in California in March (19).

“This was a talented brother who cared about the community and did a lot (for it),” Master P tells People magazine. “This man was a star. His legacy is going to change so many lives.

“Everything he got after he died, he deserved that before,” he adds. “He could really make music. People know now. His music touches millions of people now. I had people say, ‘You know, I never listened to his music. It’s really good’. But you waited ’til he died? It makes no sense.”

However, Master P insists he will continue to honour his late friend by supporting all of Hussle’s projects and causes.

“He took care of his kids and he took care of his girl (Lauren London),” he says. “I do a lot in the community where he lived because of him. The marathon will continue. Through this project, we’ll be able to go back and take care of kids in the community and show them that it’s about doing what’s right: ‘Don’t worry if you’re not celebrated. Keep doing what’s right’.”

I Got The Hookup 2, in which Master P reprises his role from the 1998 original, is out in the U.S. on July 12 (19). The soundtrack album, including Street Millionaire, is released on the same date.

Credits: Music-News

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